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Business Blog – Interior By Design

Business Blog - Interior By Design

We were lucky enough to interview John Paul Saab the owner of Interior by Design, where he shared with us some of his loves about business, his greatest achievements and what he would be if he wasn’t running his own business… John is the owner of the business and we can happily say that once you meet John Paul, you will surely never forget such a bright and bubbly character! Let’s dive into our famous, Sombrilla Digital Business Blog and find out some more about this inspirational entrepreneur…



Name: John Paul Saab

Business Name: Interior By Design

Industry: Building and Office Refurbishments

Years In Business: 15

What were you doing before you started your business?

Working as a fitout contractor for numerous builders

Why did you start your business?

I thought I could do what other fit-out builders were doing only faster and with greater quality

Who do you look up to in business or who do you strive to be like?

Marcus Lemonis

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Having expanded through NSW with a larger clientele base and a great team ever growing

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs starting out?

Hang in there during the hard times and never lose sight of what your chasing

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

Flexibility and having the ability to do things your way

What is the worst thing about owning your own business?

Stress growing the business and managing a lot of personalities within the business

What is your greatest achievement to date? (business related)

Seeing clientele grow consistently yearly

What is your greatest achievement to date? (non-business related)

My children without a doubt

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you do?

Own my own kids/parents restaurant

How do you plan to grow your business?

Further getting our business out there through BDM work, social media networking and hiring greater experienced staff

What platforms are you currently using to achieve success?

Word of mouth, business relationships, social media, previous clientele

What platforms do you want to start using to achieve success (but don’t have the time to)?

Sealing the bigger deals with building owners, building managers, and CEO’s

What is one skill you would love to learn?

Perfecting golf lol.. the financial way the world works

When you were younger, did you ever think you would become an entrepreneur? If yes, why?

No because I truly did not know what I truly wanted to do

What does a typical day of yours consist of?

Jobsite visits, staff meetings, client meetings, family time, office hours

What is the best business idea you’ve had, that you’ll never use? (I promise I won’t steal it)…

It’s a secret.

How has becoming an entrepreneur made you a better person?

I’m a long way from being a successful entrepreneur but the journey im still on has definitely made me thank God and appreciate every day what I have and what I’ve been blessed to have till now. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t make you a better person, that achievement belongs to my wife, my kids and most importantly my faith.

What did you want to be ‘when you grow up’?

A builder that went on to develop megastructures.

What is your goal in life?

To be a great dad!

What are your 3 best traits?

Humour, professionalism, humble

If you could travel to one place in the world, where would it be?


What meal or food is your number one weakness? 

Chocolate and Maccas

What is your favourite colour?


What is the best book you’ve ever read?

Never read one

What activities, sports or hobbies do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Soccer, running, golf, boating, beach, all sports!

If you were granted one super power, what would it be?

Mind reading





Thanks to John Paul Saab from Interior By Design at Parramatta for sharing some of his thoughts and passions with us.

Stay tuned for our next month’s business blog coming soon!!



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