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Business Blog – The face behind Secret Shire

Business Blog - The face behind Secret Shire

We were lucky enough to interview Matthew Vasilescu the owner of Secret Shire, where he shared with us some of his loves about business, his greatest achievements and what he would be if he wasn’t running his own business… Matthew is a Professional Photographer with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge so let’s dive into our famous, Sombrilla Digital Business Blog and find out some more about this inspirational and talented entrepreneur…


Name: Matthew Vasilescu

Business Name: SecretShire

Industry: Photography & Fine Art Photography

Years In Business: 25

What were you doing before you started your business?

Still in photography as I have been for 25 years, SecretShire is a new business for me that is a different model based on products rather than a usual services business

Why did you start your business?

I started it to build a business under a brand name rather than under a persons name. I want people to see and connect to SecretShire rather than connecting with me. Even though they are all images created by me, it is important that people hear and speak about SecretShire.

Who do you look up to in business or who do you strive to be like?

I just strive to be better than I was a week before, a month before or a year before. I don’t really look up to anyone as I think we all have our own paths to forge.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Perhaps with a small retail/factory outlet where people can come and see physical products. Though internet shopping is very popular selling what I sell is a little tricky as it requires people to use a bit of imagination.

What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs starting out?

Just keep going. If you have an idea that works and people like it you will one day but an overnight success after a year or three.

What is the best thing about owning your own business?

Flexibility and agility. There is no-one that says you can’t to anything that you want to do.

What is the worst thing about owning your own business?

Still being here after 16 years operating as MattVas Photographer and still being able to support the establishment and growth of SecretShire

What is your greatest achievement to date? (business related)

Still doing the one thing that I love and calling it business, 25 years full time and counting.

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing now, what would you do?

There was never a backup plan, I had nothing else. I couldn’t and didn’t ever think of doing anything else.

How do you plan to grow your business?

Mostly through networking. I also do a lot of social media on Instagram and Facebook to continue growing the audience for SecretShire.

What platforms are you currently using to achieve success?

Ah there you go I jump ahead, I use Instagram and Facebook as well as Mailchimp for email marketing and communications.

What platforms do you want to start using to achieve success (but don’t have the time to)?

Nothing else really, perhaps LinkedIn but I am not sure if I will find the right audience there.

What is one skill you would love to learn?

To juggle better because it’s hard juggling SecretShire and MattVas Photography. It also might allow me to run away to the circus as a future backup plan.

When you were younger, did you ever think you would become an entrepreneur? If yes, why?

Yes, I always had a feeling right from when I started photography that I would end up in business for myself. Not that I was never a great employee, I just think I do better out on my own.

What does a typical day of yours consist of?

Up an hour before first light which is between 4:30 to 4:45am depending on the time of the year. Out to shoot something for SecretShire then perhaps off to a MattVas Photography job. Post something on social to go across my channels. Meetings, phone calls, emails, invoicing, following up on jobs, planning jobs. You get the drift.

What is the best business idea you’ve had, that you’ll never use? (I promise I won’t steal it)…

Better parking signs. I have an idea I just need funds to develop it. Want to go 50/50?

What did you want to be ‘when you grow up’?

A racing car driver and still do.

What is your goal in life?

Well I have completed one of them, the others I am always working on. Mostly it consists of just always enjoying what I do.

What are your 3 best traits?

Determined ( Hey Matt your not a Taurus are you ?)

Who is your number #1 idol?

Tim Burton

What meal or food is your number one weakness?

Anything that is wrapped/dipped/drizzled/topped/coated/dunked in chocolate.
What is your favourite colour? and why?
Single favourite……………….. yellow, no red or maybe orange

What is the best book you’ve ever read?

You know I take pictures right! Gregory Crewdson, Brief Encounter. I could read his pictures all day long.

What activities, sports or hobbies do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I have two motorcycles that are starting to not get enough use.

If you were granted one super power, what would it be?

To fly. Sydney traffic right!! & Mind reading


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Thanks to Matt Vas from Secret Shire for sharing some of his thoughts and passions with us.

Stay tuned for our next month’s business blog coming soon!!



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