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Charity Design – Case Study



Sombrilla Digital was approached to assist the charity by designing a initial logo and brand identity for the Men’s Health Sector charity called Its A Blokes Lunch. Once the initial ideas for the branding started to develop Sombrilla decided to jump on board as a major sponsor of the event and then provided designs for the remaining items required by the organisers. These items included the design and development of the website, starting with purchasing the URL and setting up the hosting for the website. We then developed a design for the website and worked out with the organisers potential spaces for the sponsor logos as they came on baord to support the charity. The website was then developed and contained links to the booking platform. The icons and graphics were all custom designed to fit in with the look and feel of the logo design already established.
Once the website was operational we then setup and designed the Facebook Page with logo and cover image. Then we created a DL invitation that was sent out to business owners with a save the date message. A pull up banner was also designed for the launch event and promotional photos of the first exposure of the charity.

This all in place, gave the event some traction, to attract Sponsors for the event, once they could see there was a website and facebook that they would be promoted on, they were more likely to jump on board to help raise money and buy tables at the event. Once the event started to grow, businesses were donating prizes and the ground swell had started. The next step was to create some traction on social media, with targeted posts that were regularly done, and as sponsors joined up they were also posted on facebook as a way of thanking them for support. Then came the Event Program which needed to have advertising space allocations for sponsors and space allocations for information like prizes and menus. Sombrilla drafted a wire-frame design in InDesign to show the organisers where all the adverts and text would be placed. As the adverts came in, they were placed into the design file and by the time we needed to finalise the design we were well under way to finish it off and more than meet the print deadline.

The event has been a great success so far with many more luncheons planned. If you have a charity or you know someone who runs a charity that is looking for an experienced design company to help them achieve their financial goals, please pass on our details to them.