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Keys to Successful Branding

Keys to Successful Branding

Your branding is a way of distinguishing your product or service offering from the rest of the market and create a perceived value in the mind of potential customers. For example, Nespresso Coffee, the Nespresso brand creates different user experience to say Lor in Woolworths. Nespresso have cleverly designed a whole range of packaging and user materials, that speak volumes about what type of experience you would expect drinking a Nespresso capsule compared to their competitors. This aslong with an advertising campaign to back it up, using George Clooney as the face of Nespresso, creates an upmarket experience. George’s image is inline with the Nespresso Brand, his sauve appearance and appeal to women are both the same attributes as the appeal target of Nespresso. Successful Branding is also important for small businesses that want to stand out in the market, and the key to successful branding includes knowing your target customers and making all your decisions with a focus on what’s important to them. It is not about what you, the business owner likes, it is what appeals to your target audience, who are you speaking to and what do you want to say to them about your offering?


Define Your Customers

The first key to successful branding is to define the types of customers you want to attract. Mums with toddlers, women without children, Men over the age of 50, every product and offering has its own target market. Men who like drag racing or those who prefer quiet afternoons in nature? Health-conscious individuals or those who don’t know a carrot from a pumpkin? Make a list of all the types of customers you want your business to attract. Volvo built its brand on attracting people concerned with auto safety and Harley Davidson have built their brand targeted at Men over the age of 45 who are looking for a life change, a way to say I still have it and I am not dead yet!


Study Your Customers

Find out what is important to the customers you want to attract. If you already have some customers, you can survey them. Otherwise, look at demographic information and other studies done that provide information about your target customers. Once you know what’s important to your target customers, choose the three or four outcomes that are the most important to your ideal customer. Get to know their fears, their desires and what would make them remember you. Look at the advertising that AAMI have done recently with Katut and Rhonda. This is an amazing campaign, it is comical, has a story and drills down to the key message that AAMI want to deliver, that safe drivers should be rewarded. The company wants to attract clients that are 1. Safe Drivers, 2.They are concerned that unsafe drivers are driving their premiums up, 3. The company has to pay out less in claims by attracting the right type of client. All of this comes down to the fact that they have nailed down WHO their customer is , or more importantly, who they want as customers. Something we all need to think about.


Be Consistent with Your Brand Position

Using the three or four outcomes you defined, create a brand position that describes what your business does and for whom, the unique value your business offers and how this value is different from the competition, and the benefits the customer gets from your product or service. Also, decide on the one most important thing that your business always promises to deliver to customers. Consistently make all your decisions based on this brand promise and your brand position.


Create the Elements of Your Brand

Create a brand personality — traits you want your business known for — and, if you have an established business, a brand story that shows how your business’ history adds value and credibility to the brand. Customers like nothing more than knowing they are dealing with a company they can expect a certain outcome from. Case in point, McDonalds. Now we all know that McDonalds food is certainly not healthy, in fact it can be down right unhealthy but why do people still buy it? Why do they turn to McDonalds or Maccas ( as Australians effectionatly call them), when they are hungry? The answer is: it is consistent, the customers knows the outcome every time. There are no surprises, its going to deliver a predictable experience every time. People hate change, so they LOVE McDonalds.
Once you have established the key position, personality and target customer profile for your brand you can then begin to create the physical elements of your brand, including your logo, business tagline, colours, fonts, imagery and other physical elements used in marketing and presenting your brand. These physical brand associations should reflect your brand promise and all your brand traits, and also support your brand position. A Brand Guideline Document should then be developed and kept on file as a strict guide to how your brand is displayed, used and positioned at all times.


Market Your Brand

The key to branding is reminding the customer of what you want them to remember about your brand, and every contact (including marketing efforts) you have with current or potential customers must reinforce your brand. Look at the new ads for , and the comparison they make with Meerkats. Now you wouldn’t think this would make any sense, Meerkats and Markets??

Well, the aim of this company was to drive traffic to their website. Customers remembering the domain name is their whole focus. They have introduced a clever comparison with the Meerkats, and used a Meerkat to speak, with an annoying accent, its quirky, its weird, it is even a little crazy, but most of all its Remembered. Don’t go to compare the but go to, 2 very different things, you remember this right?
It is very clever, and sometimes with advertising we need to think outside the square. That is why you have creative people creating your advertising and not a bank manager.

If you want your business Brand to work, seek a professional who understands markets and how to talk to them.


by Jennifer Ettia  |  Sombrilla Digital



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