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Affordable Online Marketing

There are a multitude of choices these days when it comes to choosing a platform or platforms that you can marketing your goods and services with. Choosing the ‘right’ ones is critical to getting you the maximum ROI.

Many business owners waste hours of time and loads of money on platforms that do not suit their customer base. You have to find out where your best customers are hanging and what they will take notice of. The ads have to be relevant, engaging and talk to them in a way that cuts through the noise.

Email Marketing

Many people say Email Marketing is dead. Not so.
Depending on your industry, email marketing can be extremely effective. If you have the right data base and you send out the right messages, email marketing can reap you may rewards. Most of the major online retailers use EDM’s as part of their marketing strategy and without them sales would be non-existent. Chat to us about your Campaigns, the frequency and what content would engage your customers.

Track Campaigns. Monitor Reports.

Our preferred email marketing tool is Mailchimp as an independent EDM platform. Howver you can also add EDM Plugins to your website and run campaigns right from the back of your website and keep your databse there. You can also use platforms like constant contact, campaign monitor and others. We can suggest which suits your needs. We offer full reporting, tracking and click mapping.

Send Your Campaign and Ensure Delivery.

Email campaigns can be sent at your convenience. The EDM account can be accessed anytime and anywhere using your desktop, tablet or iPhone. Schedule your campaign, or send it immediately. Check delivery in your reports and stats immediately. High delivery rates are guaranteed as we have feedback loops with all major internet service providers.

Social Media Marketing

A mostly FREE and powerful tool of communication, social media platforms allow you to reach your customers where they are socialising and hanging out, while also characterising your brand and expanding your customer base. If done correctly, a great social media marketing campaign can also increase the efficacy of other marketing techniques – including SEO and SEM – by helping build natural links, and drive traffic, increase your organic search rank, raise brand awareness, brand recognition and build goodwill. If you have been struggling with social media strategy, management, or advertising we can help. We would ove to help you!

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a form of internet marketing that uses various social media networks in order to connect you to your customers, achieve marketing communication and raise brand awareness so you can reach your business goals. Social media marketing can be carried out in many different ways. You can use social sharing of content, boosting facebook posts, facebook ads, test campaigns, build custom audiences, post videos, tweet feeds, brand images for marketing purposes, as well as other paid social media advertising. LinedIn offers paid ads also, and now so does Instagram. It is endless and the right solution can take your business into the online stratosphere.

How can we help you?

Sombrilla Digital are a social bunch and we like recommendations & referrals from clients & friends who know how we work. We don’t think that sales people should do all the talking for us and so we recommend that you speak directly to our clients to understand who we are and what we do. We are always happy to give you a reference from an existing client.
Our social media pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives. We work out a SM Plan first and then discuss things like frequency of posts, budgets for ads and other things so lets chat?

Why do you need a social media management?

Your customers are on social media.

Because its hard to be on top of everything in your business. Just like your tax and your bookkeeping, your marketing should be outsourced if at all possible. It can be almost impossible to separate yourself from your brand and sometimes being inside your brand can give you a warped view. You need us to look at your brand from an outside perspective to gain clarity. You have to keep customers engaged and that cannot be easy sometimes. Trust Us!

There are people searching for your company.

If your company is offering a product or service then you need to get online and be part of the conversation otherwise you will be  left behind or worse, you will be completely forgotten. Nowadays, customers want instantcy, they need it NOW and you have to be there ready for them.

What are people saying about your company on social media.

You Do you have a good reputation online? Are you being discussed, recommended or forgotten? Social media is a massive referral network. Marketing use to be B to C, meaning business to CUSTOMER was the strategy for marketing. Now is has shifted completely to C to C.  Customer to customer is the new normal. you will buy something because your friends on social media liked it and recommend it right?  Well so do your customers, so get inside their heads and start thinking like them and adjust your marketing strategy around this methodology.

Companies deserve expert social media management.

Most business owners and even specialised marketing managers find it near impossible to manage all of their social media channels. With our experience in social media management, design skills and ability to target your message, we can definitely make your life easier. Let’s chat?

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing and applications are a frontiere that is still in growth stage. Apple launched their apps and they were a major success and android are fast catching up. This is an ever evolving area of marketing and as the current technologies start to become run-of-the-mill, we will see a major boost in the mobile marketing space. Technology is getting smaller, so the word “mobile” is taking on a new persona every day. We can help you use current n mobile technologies to grow your brand but we can also look into the future and see where your brand may head and what technologies you can be abreast of in the future too.

What we do

Online marketing is considered to be one of the most popular methods of marketing. But the sheer number of mobile users dwarfs the potential of an online marketing campaign. As mobile phone users are more in number, the effectiveness and the eventual success of a mobile marketing campaign would be far stronger than what you could expect from an online marketing campaign, which still is a very popular method of marketing today. Mobile users sit at around 85% of the online consumers and this is only going up, not down, so lets talk.

Our mobile marketing services

  • Mobile Websites and Responsive Websites
  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Search Campaigns
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Mobile Commerce
  • 2D Barcodes/QR Codes
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Marketing display campaigns

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We focus strongly on function and usability and train you to manage your website as a business asset. We go to great lengths to assure your content is delivered in such a way that visitors can easily and intuitively find the information they seek, resulting in a pleasant and productive user experience.


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