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Why do we like WordPress?

A CMS, or content management system, is a tool via which you manage the content of your website independently and have full control over things like copy/content updates, image updates, and layouts. WordPress is flexible, highly customisable, super user-friendly, and is a great content management system (CMS).
You can use it for blogging, online stores, information websites for small business and just about any event, product or service you would like to promote online. We have highly skilled website developers that spend time on clever design, customer navigation experience, layout, ease of use, and we also provide after sales training for you on site so you can learn to manage your own website if that is your preference.

The other important factor about using WordPress is that it is rather good for SEO. It is easy to apply any SEO driven updates to the website and wordpress as a platform ranks well on google and meets all the WS3 requirments.

Our Process

Themes Installation

We setup your cpanel hosting or install wordpress and your theme files onto your own cpanel. Whichever fits in with your preferences.


Premium Plug-ins

We also offer access to many premium features that can build your website into the sales tool that you require.


Content Development

We can assist you in creating great content that is relevant, and optimised for SEO purposes so you dont miss out on important sales via Google Search


WordPress Theme Customization

Sombrilla Digital offer a range of website styles and services, anything ‘WordPress’ is our strong suit, and we can to offer WordPress theme customization services that allow you to mould your themes to suit your business processes, look and feel, align with your visual Brand, and are versatile, and riveting. While tailoring your themes to suit your business sensibilities, we take every measure to keep it responsive and compatible across different platforms. Theme customisations are those changes required to your website theme that need to be altered within the theme files. These customisations can cause future issues when theme updates are realeased so you need to make sure you use a website development company like ours that will A. be around in 2 years when you eed them and B. know what they are doing when it comes to managing customisations and theme updates. We can also build 100% customised websites just send us a message and we can chat about your special requirements.



Sombrilla Digital offer full hosting management services. Your website is monitored 24/7 and if we see potential issues we can manage them and fix them before your website is affected. We have our finger on the pulse and babysit our client's websites with care.

Website Security

Sombrilla Digital understand the importance of website security. The potential for hacking grows by the day and we are also aware of the vulnerability of WordPress when it comes to hacking. We know how to avoid your website being hacked and we offer many solutions to Website Security, just ask us.

Design Consultation

Sombrilla Digital know that design, branding and user experience or UX Design is NO.1 priority. We are different because we take the time to prepare a visual for your website before any work is started. We understand that you need to visualize your website first so you feel comfortable starting the project.

Domain Names

We can advise on what Domain Name will work best for your business, we can purchase a domain name for you, we can manage the domain name and we offer full consultation on this very under rated but critical part of your website.

Client Consultation

We consult with you, go over your business processes, your clients, your goals and develop a strategy for your website that encompasses your other marketing activities like Social Media, Video, and Newsletters. We also discuss potential CRM integrations to build your the best website.

CRM Integration

At Sombrilla Digital we love CRM's. We love processes and we are very supportive of business owners who use CRM's to manage their clients. Our desire is to help you integrate your current or future CRM system into your website so that it can really become part of your overall business marketing funnel.

Pricing & BUDGETS

We have a multitude of services and as you know website projects are all about YOU the customer and what you require from your website. We are more than happy to talk costs with you but we do require some information from you to get started so move down and fill in our quick form.

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